Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quivertree Destination survey

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our destination survey.It has been most interesting to see where you want us to take you next ! Based on the voting so far, it looks like these will be our upcoming Quivertree family destinations :
Spain & Portugal

Gideon just returned from a trip to Turkey. He has spent quite a lot of time there and his family just loves it ! Although I've only been there twice for very short periods, my wife, Liora, travelled in Turkey extensively before we met and loved it too. It has a great mix of culture, food, history, archeology and much of it child friendly. And it has the most gracious, welcoming hosts. We have long felt we would be adding this incredible country to our destinations and your survey responses just bear that out !

While Thailand is quite touristy, it can be travelled in many different ways. Sometimes it's not so bad being 'touristy' as the infrastructure, food and accommodations are of a certain standard that we would desire for our families.My family visited Thailand in 2007. I'll confess that I really wanted to go to the Thai beaches, but our kids chose culture over sunning and swimming. We spent a memorable night at Elephant nature park, a refuge for damaged or abused elephants, and it was one the highlights of our entire 3 month trip. Check it out at

I was last in Portugal in 2007. I have never understood why portugal is so underestimated. Possibly it's just overshadowed by france and spain, 2 giants of the European tourist circuit. I found portugal to be beautiful, with everything you could ask for in a travel destination - food, beaches, castles, ruins, good roads (mostly)and the chance almost everywhere to get off the beaten track. Our goal is to offer trips to both Portugal and spain, concentrating in part on staying in Posadas (castles or historic buildings of Portugal)or Paradores/Pazos of Spain.

I'm so excited to be adding these destinations as each offers so much in terms of family travel, but mostly the opportunity for a rich, thrilling, bonding family experience.

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